Marissa, Lou, or Brad will start the countdown of prizes and you yell STOP when you hear the best prize you think you can get. Don’t wait too long though, because if the bomb goes off you won’t win anything. Good luck!
Call 372-1065 weekdays when we announce its time to play. You could win CASH, Tickets, free food and other great prizes. Listen to Sunny 106 every weekday starting October 2nd through October 31st.
For general contest rules, click here
Contest begins Monday, October 2, 2017; and ends Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

How to play: Be the correct-number caller when the DJ invites contestants.

How winner is determined: The contestant chosen will hear a list of prizes. When the contestant says "STOP," he/she will win the last prize mentioned. If the list ends (with the sound effect of an explosion) before the contestant says "STOP," he/she loses.

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