Your Body: Effects of childbirth on a motherís body
2/27/2017 1:12:15 PM
Your Body: Effects of childbirth on a motherís body

Creatas/ThinkstockBy DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

There’s no doubt that childbirth is one of the most miraculous abilities of the human body. But when you leave the hospital after delivery, you should expect that there are going to be some major body changes taking place.

For one thing, you’re still going to look pregnant. The skin, muscles and tissues inside your belly will still be stretched out. You may even have some broken blood vessels on your face or around your eyes.

But what about this concept of your body bouncing back? I think we need to change our paradigm here. It’s not about your body being the same, it’s about optimizing the differences. You’ve just grown a human, after all.

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