Building Hit By Fire Friday May Not Have Been Destroyed
The building on the corner of South Jared Street and West Long Avenue which caught fire Friday morning in DuBois was reviewed by Lee Simpson and Associates on Wednesday.  According to DuBois Mayor Herm Suplizio, during a structural inspection of the building, it was determined that the building was not totally destroyed.  Work will need to be done to the back of the building and all windows will be boarded up.  The roads and alley surrounding the building will remain blocked off until work can be done to secure the area.

DuBois City Police Release the Name of One Fire Victim
DuBois City Police have released the name of one of the men found deceased after an apartment caught fire Friday morning in DuBois. The fire broke out just after 7:00am at a multi-tenant building on the corner of South Jared Street and West Long Avenue. One of the deceased was identified as 43 year old Robert Konz. The other man's name is being witheld pending results of genetic testing. Both of the men found deceased lived on the 3rd floor of the building. The fire is thought to have started in a first floor apartment in the back of the building near the staircase. Officials believe the stairs quickly caught fire and aided in lifting the fire to the upper floor apartments and to the roof. Stay with Sunny 106 and News-Talk Radio WCED for continuing coverage. 

Fire Officials Zeroing In on Possible Cause of Fatal Fire
Fire officials are zeroing in one particular apartment, as possibly the source of a fatal fire Friday morning at a multi-tenant apartment building on the corner of West Long Avenue and South Jared Street in DuBois. The apartment in question is on the lower level and in the back of the building near the staircase. It is believed that the stairs to the building quickly caught fire and aided in spreading the fire up to the above apartments and then to the roof. Police are still not releasing the names of the two men found deceased inside the building. Six others including two babies were taken to DuBois Regional Medical Center with injuries and smoke inhalation. One fire fighter sustained a broken arm while on scene.

Investigation Continues into Cause of Fire Claiming the Lives of Two Men in DuBois 
The investigation continues into the cause of a fire claiming the lives of two men Friday morning in an apartment building on South Jared Street in DuBois. Fire Chief Jim Corby said heavy equipment is being brought in to allow the fire marshall to further investigate. The fire broke out Friday morning. Two men whose names were not released died inside. Six others were taken to DuBois Regional Medical Center for injuries and smoke inhalation and one firefighter sustained a broken arm. The building contained six or seven apartments. The Red Cross is assisting the families which were displaced.
Sunny 106 is collecting food to replenish the Food Pantry of DuBois which was located inside the building. Items may be dropped off at 12 West Long Avenue downtown DuBois during normal business hours Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.   
                                                            Timeline of Events:
Approx. 7:00 AM
- Fire crews from throughout the area were called to an apartment complex at the corner of West Long Avenue and South Jared Street at 7:00 AM Friday in DuBois. Additional EMS from the area was called to assist multiple families who live in the building. Power and gas service is cut to West Long Avenue and South Jared Street taking Sunny 106 and News Talk Radio WCED off the air. We will have more as soon as service is restored.
9:21 AM - There are unconfirmed reports of casualities. 
9:28 AM - Sunny 106 is back on the air and will have continuing coverage of the deadly blaze. Stay with your local news station for all your minute-by-minute updates.
9:34 AM - News Director Lindsey Schoening will have more information and live reports from the scene.
12:30 PM- Bodies being recovered, unconfirmed preliminary reports indicate five possibly six fatalities from this morning's fire.
1:25 PM- Power restored to West Long Avenue. Still no confirmed report of the number of fatalities from the fire. The American Red Cross remains on the scene to assist the 100 plus firefighters braving harsh conditions to assist.
2:49 PM - Two men are confirmed dead. Two babies were rescued from the fire and taken to DRMC.  No word yet on how many families are displaced.  The Red Cross is working to provide needed items to those affects.  Press conference to be held at 3:00 PM regarding fire.


Downtown DuBois Fire

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